The Workout

What Is SpeedX?

Winner of the Best of LA award and Brentwood’s best kept secret! A pulsating 60 minutes of heart pumping functional + high intensity interval training combined with agility drills and weights create our addictive yet fun workouts! Our unique blend of cardio, strength, and resistance based sessions that use traditional equipment in unconventional ways will be your new X-factor for stepping up your fitness game and results. With specially designed workouts to torch body fat, sculpt lean muscle, and increase endurance, we give you the after-burn that you’ve been looking for! SpeedX keeps your body and mind guessing with constantly varied workouts that are never used twice. With a strong focus on form and technique, our goal is to create sustainable workouts in a motivating, community based environment.

HIIT // high-intensity interval training

HIIT is a training technique that alternates short, intense bursts of exercise with brief periods of rest to maximize calorie burn in minimal time. Our workouts burn up to 900 calories per class and elevate your metabolism after you exercise meaning you burn additional calories even hours after you have finished a SpeedX workout!

Class Descriptions

Monday: 0-60
(Full Body HIIT)

Start your week with this heart pumping cardio blast. 0-60 is a full-body challenger! This sweat focused session tests your endurance with strength & resistance moves when you least expect it… Push your limits and jump start your metabolism with an after-burn to last till Tuesday.

Tuesday: Superset Remix
(Upper Body Strength)

This Old School Remixed Strength Session aims to increase lean muscle mass and turn your body into a fat burning machine. Beginning with a burn-out round, pre-exhausted muscles work twice as hard through resistance based circuits & core moves. Using a mix of weights, TRX bands and other equipment, this specific muscle group focused class will leave your muscles howling.

Wednesday: High: 05
(Full Body Conditioning)

Looking for a good sweat? We’ve got your hump-day cardio covered! Like NFL pre season training, this agility based workout will improve your speed to keep you light on your feet. Circuits of functional movements demand those fast twitch muscles to fire upping your calorie burn! Move like an athlete through sixty, fast paced minutes!

Thursday: Slow Roast
(Lower Body Strength)

The Strength is in the struggle ! Focus on form and technique for maximum results in this full-body resistance session. Rounds of muscle group based circuits with heart pumping blasts aim to improve overall body composition and strengthen your core.

Friday: Happy Hour
(Full Body HIIT)

You’ll be feeling the feels as we turn up the beats & your heart rate. This 50/50 session blends cardio and strength to test your performance and keep your muscles (and your mind) guessing. You’ll be ready for the weekend after this one!

Saturday: Need for Speed (X)
(Full Body Strength & Conditioning)

High Intensity Interval Training at its best. Muscles will fire & heart rates will spike as we break down full-body session. Don’t worry, you’ll be begging for more.

Sunday: 7th day
(Full Body Cardio)

Harder, better, faster, stronger. Muscle through this Sunday Sweat Fest designed to shred- a.k.a. lean and define! Pace yourself for this heavy, and fast, weight based session.