“I’ve been going to SpeedX for over 3 years and it’s my all-time favorite gym. The staff and the members are all fun, upbeat and friendly. The classes are all incredibly effective & well programmed. I’ve noticed my body transform from the work outs and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. Highly recommend!”
– Catherine Casey

“SpeedX is one of many gyms I have belonged to over the years, but the one I have been a member of the longest. SpeedX is unique in that it fosters a community among members, coaches, and staff in and outside of the gym. The workouts and coaches at SpeedX have pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Every day is different and there are always new moves being added. The coaches know me and push me when they know I can go heavier and faster. They are also great about keeping me motivated and correcting my form. Their engagement with members and others makes me feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. I consistently look forward to my workouts because of this kind of environment and the feel-good feeling after accomplishing such challenging workouts.”
– Samantha Abelove

“SpeedX is my home away from home. It’s a reliable place that has delivered me everything Crossfit was unable to. Since starting at SpeedX 3 years ago, I have a more focused understanding of not only how far my body can be pushed, but also my mind.
These classes aren’t for the faint-of-heart; they can be challenging. But they’ve helped me develop a tough-as-nails mindset that spills into all other areas of my life, especially my business. It’s great, because I’m typically surrounded by like-minded people at class with their game faces on ready to go.
You’re going to be greeted with a smile and get an insane amount of value from your experience here. As soon as you step inside, it’s GO time! That’s my relationship with SpeedX, plain and simple. Thanks for everything!”
– Ryan Carmody

“Speedx is simply the best fitness program I have found anywhere, and I have tried quite a few over the years. It is a complete workout with a great mix of cardio, flexibility, core, small and large muscle exercise. The variety of workouts is remarkable and nothing is stale for me after three years. Classes are necessarily challenging (I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with them), but the environment is very motivating. The coaches direction, class energy, and effort of the regulars often put me in a ‘zone’ and help me reach levels of intensity I could never get to on my own.”
– Jeff Spain

“SpeedX was the first gym I joined when I moved to LA (~ 6 years ago), and although I am not a person who typically provides reviews, I feel compelled to share how awesome the gym is and how its community (coaches and members alike) have become family. You will not finish any workout without receiving at least 2-3 first bumps (along with accompanying words of encouragement). And the coaches are top notch too – they engage with everyone in the class, whether correcting form, encouraging you to dig deeper, or throwing out one of the above-mentioned first bumps. After a few weeks, you will also appreciate the amount of time and effort the coaches spend making sure the workouts are fun and challenging for all fitness levels, from first timers to veterans alike.”
– Adam Daniels

“I’ve been working out at Speed X for over five years and find it to be the best high intensity studio-style gym in LA. Despite having taken hundreds of classes at the gym, I still look forward to the classes: the workouts are constantly changing and continue to challenge me. For those with limited time to exercise Speed X is an especially great fit— In just an hour the class efficiently warms you up and consistently delivers a great sweat. The variety of movements, coaches, and music make the hour pass by really quickly and keep the class interesting and fun.”
– Kenneth Morgan

“I’ve been coming to Speedx for years and it’s amazing. The coaches are all great and the classes are always different and challenging. The biggest bonus for me would be the class schedule – there are classes every hour On the hour. This is extremely important for me due to my busy work schedule, it really allows me the flexibility to always get a workout in! “
– Sam Saltzman