Owner | Manager

Where are you from? I am from New Jersey

What certifications you have. Your coaching experience? Certified by AFAA, have been a trainer for almost 5 years. Specialized in training highschool and college athletes, would train the neighboring high school sports teams twice a week. I was also a member of the track and field team at Muhlenberg College, competing as a discus and javelin thrower. 

 Hobbies? I enjoy staying active (so original of me) as well as playing guitar in my down time. I am also an actor (wow in LA?!) and I love unwinding by going to a park and throwing my discus (ok that has to be unique). 

How do you feel about coaching at SpeedX? I am very excited to get to know everyone and am happy to be a part of this team!

IG username? @Troylappel

Top Workout song?  Finale by Madeon, if no one is listening then it’s still madeon just way louder.

Guilty Pleasure? Ever seen the original 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie? Hopefully you haven’t, but I have only about 300 times. Yes I’m in my late 20’s.

Last Cheat Meal? Kraft Mac and Cheese, Macaroni Monday’s for the win.

What Inspires You? The fear of failure, not amounting or achieving my potential. That’s the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

Spiderman or Batman? Batman is a man, Spiderman is superhuman. The math checks out, Spiderman all day. 

Who would play me in my own movie?  Ryan Reynolds, obviously he’s not nearly as attractive or as talented or as funny/witty as me, but I think he’d get the job done.