Colorado born and raised, Tessie has always been an athlete at heart. It wasn’t always something that came easy for her though. While she started gymnastics at the age of 4, intense exercise came with a unique set of challenges, as she was born with a rare heart condition.

After defying the odds all the way through a collegiate cheerleading career, she continued her competitive career and became a bodybuilding champion and a regional level CrossFit competitor. Her experience in the fitness industry, along with her own personal journey, led her  into becoming a Certified Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach and a global ambassador for the Body Image Movement.

She has facilitated multiple live workshops, and worked with various different groups, such as teens, celebrities, and employees of companies including twitter, jibjab, snapchat and google. Tessie has been featured as a mindful eating specialist on multiple podcasts, such as Inside Acting, the Ancestral RDs, and The Truth in the Mirror.

She’s also been on panels and given presentations on toxic nutritional beliefs, 2 of these being signature workshops she’s designed, CrossFit for Women, and Fit Outside the Box, both of which are designed to help participants create mindful habit change around food, fitness, relationship, sleep and stress.

Tessie continues to develop transformational tools for men and women to discover their TRUE health, improve their relationship with food and body, and decrease stress levels by slowing down with food! She continues to coach CrossFit and HIIT classes, and outside of that you might find her blogging at a coffee shop 🙂