Where are you from?  Cleveland, Ohio


What is your coaching experience?   CycleBar Instructor for on year. Prior experience includes Super Soccer Stars Coach (non-competitive, soccer education) in Boston.


Hobbies?  I love reading! Historical Fiction is my favorite genre.


How do you feel about coaching at SpeedX? I love being a part of the SpeedX community, both as an athlete and a coach. It’s the perfect combination between community and a challenging, engaging and overall fun workout that pushes you towards your fitness goals.


IG username?  @sarah_lynn31


Which SpeedX move is your favorite? Which move do you love to hate? Favorite: Snatch Variations; Love to Hate: Bulgarian Split Squats


Top workout song? What about if no one else is listening? HUMBLE (Kendrick Lamar) or Church (T-Pain, ft. Teddy Verseti) / No One Listening: I Love It (Icona Pop, ft. Charli XCX) 


What’s your guilty pleasure?   Ice cream for dinner


What’s your pet peeve?  Drivers who don’t pull all the way up into an intersection when making a left so that multiple cars can go when the light turns. Pretty much anything traffic related. 


If I could be any animal?  Dog! Firm believer that a dog is a man’s best friend, and I think it’s the most genuine relationship in the world.


Who would play me in a movie?   Kate Hudson