Where are you from? I was raised right here on the westside! Santa Monica specifically, and I just returned home after living in Manhattan for 10 years.  Moved there for Juilliard’s BFA dance program, toured professionally with a few companies, dipped my toe in commercial acting/modeling, and began my fitness journey as a trainer at Equinox just before the Pandemic.  So happy to be back in warmer weather and closer to my family.


What certifications you have. Your coaching experience? I have two certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine—one in personal training and one in weight loss specialization.  As a Tier 2 trainer at Equinox in NYC I also earned an assortment of in-house specializations, including wellness and recovery, nutrition, weight loss, tone-sculpt, and muscle growth.


Hobbies? All physical sports! Playing and watching. I played softball my entire life and love any excuse to be outside running around with friends.


How do you feel about coaching at SpeedX?  I love being a part of the SpeedX’s community! If there’s one thing you need to know about this bunch it’s their dedication! I love that I recognized faces immediately because 90% of members come in multiple times a week.  I’m inspired by the people who love working out and showing up for themselves.


Top workout song? All headbangers, heavy beats, Dance Music!


Guilty pleasure? Crime/psychological thrillers-TV series, podcast, books


What inspires me? Failure. I don’t believe failure is weak. It motivates me to push harder, dig deeper and that’s how I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve found the biggest obstacles in life are usually fear-based and often just an illusion. Fear is paper-thin if you’re able to shift your perspective on the specific challenge and break it down into achievable baby steps.

Hard work! I love to see it. When people unapologetically put in hard work to achieve their goals, whatever they are, it takes courage and can be high-risk. Most of my roadblocks in life end up high-risk, high-reward!