Studio Manager/Coach

Hometown: Antalya, Turkey

Double Majored in British Culture & Literature and, Social Media while living in Istanbul.

Moved to LA in 2016 and graduated from UCLA Marketing.

Self-professed workout addict & SpeedX Ambassador- “There’s no better workout out there that can challenge the body to its limits”.

CPR/AED and Pre-NASM qualified

Favorite SpeedX Move : Heavy Lunges/Glute Bridges (love the leg dayzz).

Top workout song: Tupac- Ambitions as a rider get me going during the workout.

If no one else is listening? Nsync- Gone

If you could be any animal in the world, which animal would you be, and why? I would be a Koala…as no one loves sleeping more than me (Fact: Koalas sleep 22 hours of the day).

What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching the movie “The room” over and over again with my boyfriend. Becoming obsessed and joining the cult of it. LOL.

What was your last cheat meal?  MOCHI- Every night and day!