Hometown: San Jose, CA

National Champion for 2011 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse (Chapman University)

Bachelors in Psychology & Minor in Nutrition

Avid athlete: Lacrosse, dancer and surfer

Kickboxer Instructor

NASM certified

Which SpeedX move is your favorite? Box jumps! I feel like superwoman when I do them 🙂

Which move do you love to hate? If I see barbell thrusters on a chipper I know I’m getting my butt kicked. I feel strong when I go heavy, but once I’m fatigued it’s all downhill.

What’s your top workout song? What about if no one else is listening? That’s so hard to answer… We will rock You by Queen? It was a pump up jam with my lacrosse team in college so I have sentiments with it. 😛

If no one was watching? Something funky like a Stevie Wonder mix, mainly because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’d pump that shamelessly regardless.

What was your last cheat meal? Wings and fries, like heaven for pro sports spectating! How can you not?

What’s your pet peeve? People who’s merging in traffic technique is to speed up and then stop in the middle of a lane to get into a spot.

Who would crush the SpeedX workout more? Spiderman or Batman? Why? Spider-Man for sure. He’s got super powers that make him like an elite gymnastics athlete. Can you imagine what is vertical jump is like?

Who would play you in the movie about your life? Wonder Woman, duh 🙂


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