Im from Kansas City, Missouri


I started as a spin instructor in 2016 in Kansas City and then helped open a spin studio in West Hollywood in 2017, where I later taught at numerous studios around Los Angeles. I then became a trainer at Burn 60 in West Hollywood and Brentwood in 2019 and began coaching 1-on-1 clients in-person and virtually. Currently, I continue to personal train clients around the US and also work as an Accountability Coach.


I Love to Travel! (tho not currently 😥) I’ve lived abroad numerous times in my life, the most recent was in Bangkok, Thailand for 1.5 years in 2015-2016! Music festivals + concerts, food and exploring new restaurants, Spontaneous trips (i’m very adventurous!), my spirituality practice, spending time outside in nature (hiking, rollerblading, picnics), spending time with friends!


I’m excited to be joining this team of trainers and amazing SpeedX Community! I will push you, encourage you, cheer you on, and ultimately help you discover new strengths within yourself. As long as you show up in the best way possible for yourself each day, know that it was a successful day.


IG username @backpack_belle