Let’s start with what it isn’t. SpeedX® classes are not your typical fitness classes. They aren’t boring and repetitive, and they aren’t ineffective. If you want to do the same workout every day—with very few results—you might be better off at another gym.  However, if you’re ready to tap into your true fitness potential, it’s time to try SpeedX®.

The foundations of SpeedX® are rooted in the methodology of high intensity interval training where functional movements comprise constantly varied workouts designed to increase intensity across both time and function. Simply put, regular participation in SpeedX will help anyone—from the elite athlete to the recreational exerciser—build muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance efficiently and effectively.

SpeedX® does this and more. The purpose of SpeedX® includes building strength, muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness. However, workouts developed by the certified creators of this award winning high intensity interval training program will help you become faster, more agile and more flexible as well—not to mention enviably lean and attractively toned.

How is this possible? Because SpeedX® takes the best aspects of high intensity interval training—including speed workouts and Tabata drills—and combines them with exercises culled from other athletic-style workouts and movements commonly practiced in soccer, football and mixed martial arts. The result is a blend of heart pumping cardio interval training, strength training and resistance training proven to burn fat, build lean muscle, and blast through typical fitness plateaus.

Whether you want to drop a few pounds for the beach or a special occasion, take your sports performance to the next level, or improve your physical fitness and overall health, SpeedX® is the only exercise program you will ever need.

  • Winner Best Fitness Class – Best of LA – Los Angeles Magazine
  • Recognized by The Biggest Loser, Self Magazine, Men’s Health, The Doctors, and celebrity trainer Bob Harper, as best workout
  • Developed by leading fitness experts as a cardio and resistance program for all skill levels
  • Totally customizable to your skill level and ability. The only fitness program you will ever need