SpeedX Personal Training


If you’ve been going to local gyms faithfully, but still aren’t seeing positive changes in your body, the problem could be that your workouts simply aren’t working. It’s time for SpeedX®. With constantly varied high intensity interval training WODs, an upbeat team atmosphere, and more motivation than you’ll ever find while working out alone, SpeedX® group workouts will continuously challenge your body—blasting through the fitness plateaus all too common in other fitness classes.

But maybe you’re looking for even more. Whether you want one-on-one sessions to address specific training issues, are not yet comfortable with the H.I.I.T. modality, or need to kick up the intensity to challenge an already kick-ass level of endurance, SpeedX® offers personal training sessions as well.

The SpeedX® personal training experience starts with you. In your very first session, one of our expert coaches will help you determine exactly what you want to achieve through high intensity training before creating a program to unlock your unique fitness potential.

Thanks to diverse backgrounds and extensive education, SpeedX® personal training coaches are able to combine powerful tools and techniques into dynamic workouts tailored to your current abilities as well as future goals. As a result, you’ll experience faster and stronger gains than are possible in any other LA fitness program.


We’re so certain you’re going to love the SpeedX® personal training experience that we’re offering a complimentary SpeedX® Personal Fitness Assessment and introductory workout to all new clients. At your free assessment session, you’ll meet one-on-one with one of our knowledgeable, friendly SpeedX® personal training coaches. He or she will get to know you, help you define your goals, and take you through an introductory high intensity interval training workout to ascertain your fitness level.

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