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What is SpeedX?
SpeedX is a HIIT gym that combines strength training. We have Barbell Racks, Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, a huge rig where we do ring dips, pull ups, chin ups. We have lots of Medicine balls and heavy battle ropes. We are not afraid to bring out the weights and incorporate them into our workout. If you are looking to build lean muscle and burn body fat, SpeedX is your only destination!

I haven’t worked out in a while… Should I be intimidated?
No, of course not.The classes are designed in a way where you get to chose how heavy you would like to go. Your coach will guide you into picking the appropriate weight. Also you can go at your own speed, which is great because you won’t feel rushed and feel like you should keep up with anything. We really want to focus on our clients form and technique and will guide you into each and every workout so you feel comfortable.

Do you allow drop ins?
Yes we allow drop ins. Our drop in rate is $30 per class. You can schedule it through MindBody or just walk in to the studio.

How long does the classes last?
With the warm up and cool down, SpeedX offers a full 60 min workout.

Is class suitable for all levels?
Yes, we accept anyone from elite athlete level to beginners. Just bring your positive vibes and we’ll take it from there!

What do I need to bring?
Come in your comfortable workout clothes and workout shoes.

Do you have a water fountain?
We have a water fountain, so you can bring your own water bottle. If you don’t have any, you can buy at the front desk. 

Do you rent/provide sweat towels?
We provide a sweat towel per person for FREE.

Do I need to make a reservation for class or can I drop in?
You can drop in, however we highly recommend that you book your classes in advance as the classes get filled up rather quick 🙂

What is the class capacity policy?
Our class cap is 20 people max. After 20 people capacity is met and the class is full, we do not allow any walk ins. So please make sure to book your classes in advance.

Can I reschedule my “ClassPass” reservation?
Unfortunately we can not refund, reschedule or change anything related to your ClassPass reservation. Please understand that you need to talk with ClassPass to make any changes. We are not authorized to change anything on our end.

What if I want to switch my class time and I booked through ClassPass?
Unfortunately, we don’t allow any changes with ClassPass. Please remember that ClassPass is its own membership and since you are not a member of the studio, we are not authorized to make any changes. 

Can I reschedule my class if I am a member through MindBody?
Yes you can! Just cancel the class on your end and book the class you’d like to with no extra charges.

It is my first time, when should I get to the studio?
If it is your first time, you need to come in “at least 5 minutes early” from the class start to fill out the waiver and get situated. Late arrivals will not be let in to the class once the warm up starts.

Do you have a beginners class?
Currently we don’t have a beginners class however, the coach is able to modify anything for you to your level. Make sure to let the coach know its your first time and if you have any injuries so we can avoid certain movements. The coaches are trained and well equipped to make sure your session runs smooth. You can go at your own speed and you can pick how heavy/light you’d like to go!

Do you offer a discounted first class?
Yes! Our first class is Buy One, Get One Free. You can simply book it through our website or MindBody! We also offer a 1 Week Intro to new clients for only $39, which can be booked online as well.

Where can I park?
The parking structure is right next to SpeedX. You can park in there and we validate for 90 minutes for $1.75. You can also look for street parking one block behind SpeedX on Granville Ave.

What if I’m running late?
We have a 5 minute grace period for members only. If its your first time, we require you to be at the studio before 5 minutes. Late arrivals are not accepted for first timers.

Do you have showers?
Unfortunately we do not have showers. We have a big bathroom where you can change and we have cubbies where you can put your bags and clothes.

How do I schedule a class?
You can schedule the class from MindBody App. Just search for SpeedX and you will find us. You can also schedule right through our website. Take a look at our schedule and pick the class time that suits you the most. Get ready for a awesome sweat session!

Are the classes same throughout the day?
Yes, throughout the day the workout is the same. The next day the workout is always different. We never have the same workout twice! 

What are the Tuesday and Thursday STRENGTH days?
Tuesdays is our upper body days. After the warm up, the first 15-20 mins of the workout is dedicated to upper body. For instance it can be chest, back, shoulders or arms for that day. On Thursdays first 15-20 minutes of the workout is dedicated to train legs. So it can be deadlifts, squats, lunges. The remainder of the class after the strength portion has a full body conditioning/cardio mix to it 🙂 If you are looking to get strong and lean, strength days are for you!

What about the rest of the classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday?
These days are the definition of a fully body burn! They are designed to torch body fat and sculpt lean muscle in the meantime. They definitely have more of a cardio component than strength days. You will get a full body workout in any of these days and get an awesome sweat in.

Is it safe to come everyday?
Many of our longtime members come every day or take a day or two off from a week. We recommend at least 3-4 classes a week to see solid results. The rest is up to your recovery level and your energy. Regardless, if you come everyday, you will be challenged with different moves each day so we will keep you motivated.

How many calories do man and woman typically burn per session?
It depends on every single person. You can burn anywhere between 500cal to 1000cal.

I have an injury and I can’t run, jump or lift heavy. What do I do?
The coaches are capable of modifying these for you. If you can’t perform a move that is on the workout, do not worry. We will switch it out for something you can do and enjoy!

What is your class cancellation policy?
If you are a member and if you’d like to cancel your class, you can just do it through MindBody App. There is no extra charges on cancellations. If you book the class through ClassPass, you need to cancel through ClassPass, we are not authorized to make changes with ClassPass.

Can I share Class Packages?
We don’t allow sharing class packages but great news. Class packages never expire! So you and your friend can both get a class package and just use it whenever you’d like.

What are the benefits of HIIT training?
There are many benefits into working out. HIIT training is for those who want to take it to the next level cardiovascular and challenge their body and limits under safe instructions. With HIIT training you will see that training with weights is fun, exciting, challenging. Plus your endurance and cardiovascular health will greatly advance. For woman, weight training is the best to prevent osteoporosis and for man, its the best way to preserve muscle and stay in shape.