About Us

SpeedX is a high intensity interval training program born from a love of fitness and a desire to make HIIT methodology more accessible for the masses. We’re most proud of being able to offer an amazing workout for anyone, from die-hard athletes to those with little to no history of physical activity.

SpeedX is a heart pumping blend of cardio, strength and resistance training regular participants gleefully describe as pure yet addictive torture. It allows those to torch body fat, build lean muscle, improve cardiovascular endurance and push themselves harder than ever before. We include more functional based exercises to get the body moving the way it’s designed to. The exercises and equipment utilized target the natural planes of movement and stabilizers, targets the stabilizers, allowing for crossover to sporting and daily activities, which will prevent injury.

An essential goal for SpeedX is to provide a training program that can be done long-term. It’s enjoyable and sustainable. We create an environment that motivates participants to achieve their goals, being described as a really fun vibe. The coaches are always there instructing and guiding you on form while making sure your intensity is where it should be. The class isn’t competition based, just a one hour awesome workout every time. We offer Pro classes for those that want to include heavy Olympic weightlifting movements into their training program.

Now winner of Best New Fitness Class in the Best of LA edition of Los Angeles Magazine, SpeedX:registered: has earned the recognition of The Biggest Loser, Self Magazine, Men’s Health, The Doctors, and celebrity trainer Bob Harper as the best LA fitness workout and most effective results-based program available.

Class Descriptions